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Creating stories that your customers will love to listen
Stories take us into the world unseen and reward us with pleasant surprises! We at PSPL have this unique instinct of weaving brilliant ideas into stories around your brand. Call it strategic thinking, we help you touch the emotional chord of your customers and win their empathy. Consumer insights gathered over years help us in sensing sentiments and evolving communication.
It was just an ordinary Fig tree
With usual trunk, branches and leaves; anonymous as any other tree and the group was about to pass by it.
That is, until the guide spoke out
"This, before you is the very tree under which Siddhartha attained enlightenment. Planted in 288 BC, this tree is called Sri Mahabodhi. After his Enlightenment, Gautam Buddha spent a whole week in front of the tree, standing with unblinking eyes, gazing at it with gratitude."
The atmosphere was suddenly charged
Everyone around was spellbound, speechless, with eyes lightened up. Some even had tears. This was not just another tree anymore. The group, which would otherwise have passed by, now wanted to linger on longer... know more.
Serenity of silence appeared magical
The rustle of dry leaves was now making it mystical. An inexplicable sense of comfort in the fragrance of the breeze enveloped everyone, and a feeling of pride at the sheer thought of being at a spot where Buddha had once been was too apparent to go unnoticed.
The story made the difference
Could it be the guide's magic wand that transformed the atmosphere? Not likely. He did a simple thing - narrated a story, the history, features and facts related to the tree in a manner that aroused interest and in just a few minutes, the mood changed from apathy to awe.
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