PSPL Advertising (formerly Percept Swift Advertising) is a dynamic and mature advertising agency, with a difference; of small town upbringing and global learning. Ability to find unique, comprehensive, vibrant and fresh solutions that are simple as the story above, with decades of experience the agency has, makes our DNA.

“Creative without strategy is called ‘Art’,
Creative with strategy is called ‘Advertising'”

~ Ries and Trout

Our Logo

Our DNA is akin to our ideas- unique, comprehensive, vibrant and mature. One strand of DNA in our logo represents diagnosis while the other symbolizes solutions. Taking clue from the structure, we employ convergent and divergent thinking to crack the marketing code of your brand.

our logo

The Journey

Every journey, long or small, begins with a small, first step. Ours too has been no different. Since the time we set off on this ‘less travelled’ path’, we have explored, experimented and evolved with each passing day.

Strong affinity to learn and constant pursuit of excellence have made us better communication professionals. And today when we look back, from the heart of our hearts we can say that we have relished, enjoyed every bit of this colorful and creative journey.

  • 2014
    Grows billing 4 folds in three years to become largest agency in central India
  • 2010
    Shortens name to PSPL Advertising Pvt. Ltd. post exit of Percept
  • 2002
    Floats Percept Swift Advertising Pvt. Ltd. a JV with Percept Advertising & Hakuhodo, Japan
  • 2000
    Grows across, changes name to Swift Intermedia Convergence Ltd.
  • 1997
    The Economic Times reports it as 7th largest financial advertising agency in India
  • 1996
    Opens Mumbai office in Fort area, opp. Asiatic Library
  • 1995
    Moves into own 5,000 sq ft office at Navneet Plaza
  • 1994
    Business India includes it in top 10 non-metro agencies
  • 1992
    First agency to computerize operations with Mediaware
  • 1989
    Turns Pvt. Ltd., grows in size, numbers & stature
  • 1986
    Brings first ever Apple Mac design solution in central India, shifts to South Tukoganj
  • 1984
    Moves into a proper office in Kanchanbag
  • 1973
    Swift Advertisers- one man agency is born in Tilak Nagar